5 Best Tips For Success with Facebook Ads

Do you know that 3 million companies worldwide advertise on Facebook? And that 15.5 million Indian people use Facebook every day? In the last quarter of last year, Facebook converted around 5 billion euros in advertisements. 4 billion of these advertising euros, around 80%, come from advertisements on mobile devices.

5 Best Tips For Success with Facebook Ads

Facebook offers extensive possibilities that many companies do not yet use. That is why in this article we give 5 tips for successful advertising on Facebook.

Tip 1: Provide visually appealing material

Provide a high-quality photo that matches the desired Facebook ad format. If you choose a photo in which text can be seen, the text may not take up more than 20% of the image. Check your advertisement using the Facebook Grid Tool.

All known social media channels bet on visual content. In addition to Facebook, think of Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Go after it. When you scroll through your timeline on one of these channels, you look faster at a message with an appealing photo than at a message with a low-quality photo or a message without a photo.

Tip 2: make use of adapted target groups

A feature that every company with a Facebook page should use today. With custom target groups, or website custom audiences (WCA), you can, for example, reach visitors to your website again on Facebook (remarketing).

You can also upload existing e-mail addresses from your CRM using custom target groups. If these e-mail addresses are known within Facebook, your advertisement will be shown to these e-mail addresses on Facebook. Very useful to inform your existing customers about a new product or service.

You create target groups under tools in the business manager. To use this function it is necessary to place a Facebook pixel (a piece of code) on your website.

Even if you do not intend to use this feature in the near future: place the Facebook pixel and let Facebook build a target group, for example of all your website traffic in the last 180 days.
Facebook target groups

Tip 3: make use of comparable target groups

Another 'kind of' target group that you can have Facebook make is a so-called comparable target group.

With this option you let Facebook create a target group that is comparable to an existing target group (source target group). This existing target group can be all your page likes, website visitors or visitors to a specific page.

When creating a comparable target group, you choose the source target group, the country and the size of the audience. With the latter, you give a percentage between 1 and 10 where 1 most closely matches the source target group.

Tip 4: Promote your regular messages

Facebook's secret algorithm determines whether a fan of your page actually sees your message in his timeline. Whether someone has previously interacted with a message from your page seems to influence this algorithm.

By promoting a message you ensure that your fans actually see your message. Note that you do not promote commercial messages too often. Your fans will get bored with this quickly. Nobody just wants to see messages that try to sell something.

So make sure that you promote your products and services with care. Alternate commercial messages with content that encourages interaction. For example, think of a video, newsworthy information or a beautiful image.

Tip 5: test with advertisements, target groups and landing pages

Keep testing your Facebook ads. See which images and copy (text) work for your target group.

Test with different target groups. For example, show the same ads to two or more different target groups and see which target group and advertisement performs best.

Pay attention to things like:

  • Range
  • Website Clicks
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Amount Spent
  • Relevance Score 

Sometimes it is possible that success is not due to a reason that is outside of Facebook. Do you see that your advertisement scores well on Facebook but does not happen on your website what you want?

Perhaps the landing page needs optimization. We have written a blog about this: The perfect landing page, and 7 tips for higher conversion.

Questions about Facebook ads?

Are you curious about how you can use Facebook advertisements for your business? Do you want to know from an online marketing agency whether you are currently making optimum use of Facebook? Feel free to contact us for advice without obligation!


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