7 Essential Ways That Will Increase Conversion Rates on Your Landing Pages

In the digital marketing world, professionals do not ask: How much do you earn now? But could it have been more profitable?

Of course, everything has a goal, and every project has a goal. As you already own your business and have a goal to achieve it, you need a scale or indicator that tells you that you are on the right track and that your steps are fruitful. In your digital project. This measure is called: the conversion rate of the Conversion Rate.

7 Essential Ways That Will Increase Conversion Rates on Your Landing Pages

What is the Conversion Rate?

The general definition says that: The total number of procedures divided by the total number of visitors

Apart from the complex definitions of the concept of conversion rate, from the reality of coexistence and application in the world of e-commerce, we can agree that this concept differs according to the project and its main objective.

Let me tell you, for the vast majority of e-shop owners, conversion rate means the ability to turn site visitors into main buyers. So that the transient visit to the electronic platform would become a full purchase transaction. From here, the concept of conversion rate can be understood from an e-merchant perspective: = the number of buyers / total number of visitors.

This is for electronic stores.

If you want to see it from the perspective of content writers and marketers, the conversion rate for them will not be the number of successful e-purchases, but the number of membership registrations or subscription to the service provided, the request for notices, or downloading the software referred to in the content. The conversion rate for the content writer will, therefore, be = the number of successful subscriptions/total number of visitors.

This is the basis of the e-projects project.

You can notice here that the denominator in all previous computations are constant, which is (number of visitors) other than the numerator. This is due to the fact that the total number of visitors is a key factor in determining conversion rates, while what is considered changeable is the main goal of the visitor. The more the objective of the electronic platform changes, the more the factor used in the calculation differs.

Why entrepreneurs do not win online?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, each project has a goal that its author seeks to achieve. Your goal from your website may be a direct material gain (eg online store). It may be sharing information, or perhaps enriching the discussion online. Maybe offer and share experiences. All these goals vary from one platform to another, but they all resemble the need for an observer to carry out its performance, and analyzes its steps and develops them periodically. If you say to yourself, "Well, I'll create this site today, and I'll make thousands of dollars tomorrow." Tomorrow will come and tomorrow, and you did not even earn ten dollars ... Why?

Because you did not watch your goal from the start. You did not notice how many people responded to your message. You did not notice the interaction rates with the CTA (Call To Action) taken across your platform. Did not you notice whether this percentage is satisfactory or that the figures are misleading? Do these figures make real profits? Can more be achieved? Or are these indicators confirming that you will stop soon?

All of these alerts will only reach you if you're interested in studying conversion rates for your project, and keep an eye on it, using appropriate strategies and tools.

Therefore, paying attention to the following seven strategies will greatly increase your site's conversion rates to over 50%, and possibly more if they are properly implemented.

1. Respect your visitors' time and make your pages quick

In order to achieve the goal of your platform, you must first, achieve a high visitor rate for your customers, then convert those traffic into profitable buying. Without these visits, there is no purchase the transaction, and there is no conversion rate to be developed.

It's important to know that this point is not easy at all, 3 seconds no more is all it takes to decide the customer to stay on or leave your site? Only 3 seconds should attract the customer's attention, keep him away from any external dispersion, and convince him to stay on your site longer. The mission is not easy, is not it?

What do you do if I tell you that 58% of the shoppers are online, more than half ...? More than half of the e-commerce market cannot be attracted after 3 seconds, and 80% of these people cannot convince them to come back again To your platform. That is, more than half of your target audience is expected to lose because of the slow loading of the page or the presence of many scattered elements.

What to do if? You must consider the following:

  • The e-platform should not exceed 3 seconds.
  • Stay away from the use of large images and videos, where you can compress images using many of the add-ons provided by WordPress Wordpress or through the use of free online extensions. This mechanism helps you to speed up the page load time, and also helps keep the quality of the images and videos displayed as they are.
  • Harmony and consistency between the appearance of the platform, its target audience and its products.
  • Use site cache files to facilitate the loading of the page files, and to facilitate searches and results as well.
  • According to Yahoo, 80% of the download time on your site is used to load HTTP pages, so you need to know how many files your site uploads in each browsing process, and reduce that number to the best possible ratio.
  • Remove redundant extensions. Instead of using more than one add-on to perform each task separately, you can choose extensions that can do more than one task at a time. This will reduce the size of the tools your site uses, the number of files used, and the speed of the download process.
  • Check that there are no broken links on your website, its presence increases the load time, and helps the user experience a bad experience with your platform. You can easily check for these links by using the WordPress Broken Link Checker.
By following these steps, you will be able to easily increase the download speed of your site and will send an implicit message to your audience that you respect their time and respect their eligibility to get a fast site for them. If you want to check the feasibility of these methods or not, you can test the speed of your site easily before and after implementation by using one of the following tools:

Page Speed Insights: Google's free tool that checks the speed of your website and how long it takes to load the pages, analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of that speed, and gives you suggestions to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your site.

Pingdom: A tool that not only analyzes site speed, but also reviews and evaluates site performance in full, and then delivers it as a detailed report with specific instructions and instructions to improve it.

2. Do not reduce Call to Action values on your pages

Call To Action, or CTA is an action that is added on the consumer or customer's website to immediate response. If we say that your site is an electronic platform dedicated to selling personal care products, for example, in this case, your call to action will involve paying customers to buy these products. If your platform is a cultural platform for sharing experiences or writing cultural or news content, then your action call will be tools for sharing, commenting on, or discussing content. If your platform is non-profit and designed for donations and charitable activities, then your action appeal will be to get the target audience to donate or volunteer in these activities.

The call to action is simply defined as a marketing term that refers to the means used to get an immediate response from the customer. This can be either a direct phrase, a combination of content on the platform, or a button dedicated to it, Or in appearance as tools used for suspension, participation or purchase.

What does the CTA PAL the CR?

The importance of the CTA for CR is that it facilitates the process of transforming visitors into consumers. It provides them with the direct and rapid means that if they click on them, their application will be executed immediately. Imagine one of the visitors who visited your platform and was impressed by one of the products that were heavily offered, but he had no way to reinforce that desire and urged him to make a quick buying decision. What will happen then?

The buyer will retract his decision as quickly as he has taken, or in the least likely will hesitate. If you do not have a strong purchasing boost and this CTA booster is not clear, fast and easy, the customer will not make the purchase transaction, and the platform will leave your conversion rate negative.

Therefore, it is very important to consider in your design of your website that the site contains many strong, simple and clear CTA, and that these procedures linked to your product and enhance the desire of the user to buy it.

3. Use the Welcome Page

The Welcome Gate or Welcome page is a simple page that appears as an introduction to the site - especially where the site is large - guiding the visitor to choose the appropriate link for their interests. The Welcome Gate is one of the most important ways to push the customer to make a quick and immediate decision. It is very simple and clear and also contains the call for action that the website owner wishes to achieve.

For example, if you say you have a platform to sell clothing and accessories for international brands, then your welcome portal will include an e-mail request to get an immediate notification of discounts and special offers as well as new releases to be displayed. E-shopping lovers, especially the fashion and fashion audience, will not leave this opportunity running away from their hands, but will quickly subscribe to your e-mail service even before watching your products displayed or studying your platform. 

Welcome Gate ideas that you can use

You can design the Welcome Gate to serve the purpose and nature of your website, you can design it as:

Pop-ups appear to the client once they visit the platform. Keep in mind that these windows do not apply to the overall content of the site, and that these windows fit into mobile and tablet browsers.
Custom space between paragraphs of written content, provided that they do not conflict with what is displayed and do not cause the customer a kind of disturbing distraction.
A moving bar at the top or centre of the page contains the objective that the site owner wishes to achieve, with a compelling and compelling appeal.

Pop-up windows give the user a double service to add his e-mail. Let me make this simple in your example: Your content includes a discussion of an important report for an official platform, and your client wants to read this report, so you can easily add an option to the user to type his own email in your Welcome Gate. To the e-mail, so that the benefit of the client to get the report easily, and you are using his e-mail as one of the tools used in successful marketing.
The use of Full-Screen Welcome Gates, one of the most common methods in the field of e-marketing, where the platform assigns a welcome portal at the beginning of the user's browsing of the site, this portal includes some attractive and compelling sentences, which prompts the customer either to participate in the site or in the messaging service or To receive alerts, or to skip this step and visit the site directly.

4. Do not talk as geniuses and make your site very simple

The first rule of speaking to your audience is to speak in the language they master. I do not mean Arabic, English, or other languages ​​here. I mean the way and the way they are convinced and attracted to. It is unacceptable to use industry words or professional or complex sentences when addressing customers. Your use of this method is like a dealer who refuses to sell water to consumers just because they do not know it is called H2O.

Simple ... easy to understand ... clarity. Three elements must be included in your platform, even if your audience of geniuses and intelligent people, in all cases, must speak them in a simple and attractive, which does not reach the colloquial as well.

It is important to note here that abbreviations should not be used as well. While they may be visible to a large segment of your target audience, they are still absent from another part of them. From the core of your business and your business strategies as a successful e-commerce trader, you can address your audience in a way that everyone understands and is attracted to, not just one category or segment of them. If you would like to summarize my advice in a sentence, it will be as follows:

"When dealing with the public, do not be a genius and be naïve, just be a simple professional"

5. Make the testing of pages never end

Testing the pages of your website periodically is one of the most important tools to help you increase your conversion rate.
This process helps you in:

  • Detecting errors that can cause a bad customer experience with you.
  • Detect errors that cause slow download speed.
  • Detect the appropriate pages for user needs or not.
  • Detect the page response speed for browsing across different smartphones or tablets.
  • Detect the way content and products are displayed to the audience, and how this affects how often they respond to the action call.
Learn about issues that audiences with legacy browsers may encounter and process, especially if that audience is high for your profile.
Know the procedural problems that the public may face when trying to register or fill out forms or identify payment methods and other problems that may not appear easily without a test of the site's performance periodically.
All of these problems are challenges that must be overcome, so that the public has a satisfactory surfing experience, so it is easy to convince him to become a successful customer.

6. Use testimonials & recommendations

Evaluations of your products and customer recommendations for your website are among the most successful strategies used to convince your target audience to engage with you.

According to BrightLocal, 85% of website visitors trust customer-specific evaluations read them before any purchase transactions, and 91% of consumers aged 18-34 trust the reviews on the online platforms as much as their confidence in the recommendations Which draws them personally.

These ratios tell you directly the strength and impact of customer recommendations on your conversion rates. The more you take care of your audience and give it the quality and speed it wants, the more it will help you convince other potential customers to buy from you. So always give customers a great buying experience, always publish their ratings and give them space to express their experience freely.

If you trust that you are offering a service that is up to the level of professionalism, and it is safe, you will not be afraid of any negative evaluation offered to you. Even if competitors try to distort your image in announced ratings, your loyal audience will defend you without your request. They have tried to collaborate with you and already know the quality and professionalism of your services.

One of the best ways to increase the conversion rates from personal experience is to use the Sales Funnels if you want to professionalism this course for you.

7. Sales Funnel

Conversion Funnel is one of the most important strategies you should consider if you want to increase your conversion rates. Conversion Funnel is the means by which a customer accesses your website and purchases the product. They either reach you via emails, via a Google search engine ad, through social media ads or through personal recommendations from previous clients.

All these means are only a path to be studied and developed to know the best and easiest way to reach the customer and the most profitable and influential as well. If we say that most customers who made a purchase from you are among the categories that you've targeted via email. Those who targeted them through Facebook ads, for example, understand a very small group did not achieve the desired goal. By doing so, you will know by yourself that the e-mail audience is your first target audience, and you should enhance communication with them with more compelling and compelling messages that suit them.

The conversion funnel is a track or map that drives the customer to make a quick buying decision in the most convincing and profitable way. Your interest in building this path and promoting it by all means of tariff and masking, as well as attracting the consumer, will not only help you to attract the customer to your platform and browse, but will also turn it into a customer and yours belong to you as well.

Conversion Rate is your own measure of your commitment to and achievement of your goals. If you want a strong sergeant who can always guide you to the right path to success, there is no better way to do it.

what are you waiting for? Quickly test your page's conversion rate and tell us the result before and after the previous actions.


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