How To Convert Your Website Content Into A Premium Channel For Sales?

Content Marketing is a key factor in any profitable business. The first step to establishing a distinct spiritual image, and the first impression that helps you either win a customer and forever, or just a passing visitor will not repeat his visit again. What is content marketing and how does it increase your sales? This is what we will learn in the next lines.
How To Convert Your Website Content Into A Premium Channel For Sales?

What is content marketing and what is its importance?

Content marketing is a form of e-marketing, whose importance lies in being an indirect way to convince the client that he needs to deal with you and benefit from your services.

Professional companies use the content as an important marketing tool because:

  • It represents a link between the client and the brand. It is a path that provides the customer with the benefit and service that he is looking for and provides the brand with frequent and loyal visits.
  • Which represents an effective way to convince the client to make a quick purchase decision.
  • Content helps to increase consumer awareness of the brand and its services, as well as creating a special association that transcends the traditional commercial benefit of becoming a brand loyalty.
  • Marketing content helps increase traffic on the website, and contributes significantly to creating a kind of discussion and participation on the platform.
  • Content can attract a large base of targeted customers, especially when it is used as an added advantage that the brand outperforms its competitors.
In addition to the above, it is possible to consider marketing content as a balance that weighs two dimensions, one is the client's different needs and the other is the brand's goals and sales ratio. If the content is more likely to be paid attention to, the brand sales will automatically rise immediately. If you're looking for the best ways to increase your profit on the Internet, you do not want to spend your money on ads that may hit or miss their results. This is the ideal solution to achieve this consistently, and in the long run as well.

How To Convert Your Website Content Into A Premium Channel For Sales?

There are many ways in which content can be used as an important marketing element, but it varies in terms of your application and business model. So, when you look at the subsequent instructions, you'll notice how to choose the guidelines that are appropriate for the different business activities in general.

Understand your audience well and determine which content patterns are right for them
The content patterns vary according to two factors:

1. Content-Type: Which does not differ from the following types:

  • Publications
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Promotion Photos
  • Infographics
  • Case studies
  • News
  • Illustrations
  • Gif

2. Nature of content: which varies between

  • Story content
  • Marketing Content
  • Educational content
  • Specialized content
  • Entertainment content
  • Digital content
  • Inspiring content
  • Instructional Content
These factors influence how you define the right content for your sales. If your primary goal is marketing using social networks, marketing using publications is best suited to you, and the narrative or entertainment character is best to deal with the audience.

If your goal is to convince experts to take advantage of your services on the website, follow up your blog and subscribe to email services, long articles are the most compelling style for this category, where the specialized nature with documented facts and scientific data is their favourite.

As you see, the type and nature of the content varies as the audience type varies, so before you start writing any content about your business, you first have to ask yourself the following questions:

What is your audience?
What is the appropriate language to address them?
What are they looking for?
What are the ambitions that customers want to find on my platform?
What frustrations do they want to be exposed to?
What type of content is appropriate for them, and which style is most attractive and persuasive to them?

If you answer these questions and use them to create valuable content that can attract customers, then you can take the first step in harnessing content to increase your profits.

Spy on the content of your competitors and understand what attracts your target audience to them
After understanding the nature of your audience well comes the second and most important step: the stage of the competition. The Internet is full of strong competitors, who have followed the same steps to develop their business, and they themselves are eager for an opportunity to steal your customers. So do not give them this opportunity at all, and quickly using professional spy tool Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo is a professional website that allows you to follow your competitors, the content they write, the way they interact, and the size of audience interaction with them. From these analyses, you can understand their strengths and weaknesses, and work to harness them for your business. If your competition is interested in writing educational content more than marketing content, and you find that the audience tends to this service more than you give them. You need to use the same method on your platform with the addition of another feature, a piece of narrative information in an interesting narrative form, or an attractive PowerPoint presentation or infographic.

The same thing will benefit you if you notice topics that the audience does not interact with on the competitors' platforms, so they automatically delete their idea as content on your platform or as a medium within your advertising medium or at least develop it better. Buzzsumo P makes you go a long way in trying to understand competitors and their mechanism of action. Just one click can understand the most effective mechanisms with the target audience, and which methods are most likely to be avoided altogether.

You can take a broader look at ways to spy on competitors by browsing this article. 

Make some controversy

Some controversy is sometimes useful especially in the field of e-marketing. The debate opens the door for more interaction and lives participation. But it should be noted here that the debate must be based on facts or valuable information, not only for the purpose of increasing visits. It's very simple and you do not need to resort to content farms that will inevitably reduce the value of your brand and damage your mental image in the marketplace (you can understand how content farms work more broadly by watching this video). All you have to do is go the opposite way. If it is usual that there is a rule in your field that does not accept discussion, then you show a a real case study that has proven the opposite of what is going on.

Give value to your customers

Profit is not everything. In order to maintain your current and targeted audience of competing for advertising messages, you must fortify your trade by means of ensuring that you do not share them. A customer is always looking for value, but he cannot find it anywhere else.

This value may vary depending on your trade type. If your services focus on the sale of clothing, he is looking beside the quality and safety of products on the tips of preservation, and the best way to wash. If your site is about cosmetics and skin care, the customer here is looking for extra value on how to better explain the differences between oily and dry skin and normal, or to know the differences between different types of cosmetics, what materials are best suited for daytime use and which ones are better for the evening?

And other examples where the content reader feels that you are not dealing with it from a dry commercial perspective, but rather you seek to benefit from it. If he does not want to buy a product from you and is used to visiting your platform for the purpose of making use of, he will have a mental connection between your brand name and personal benefit automatically. The first advice is for anyone who wants to use the content as a marketing tool: do not sell products, let the content be marketed to them in their own way, and believe me when I say that their method is the most successful and effective.

If you're looking for mechanisms to write valuable viral content for social networking platforms, you can learn the way from here.

Prove that you have the upper hand in the field by not being afraid to share your experiences
One of the biggest mistakes that some might make is not sharing their experiences with colleagues in the field. I do not say here that you share the secrets that distinguish you from others or non-shareable professional information, but I say that there is a lot of information that others will feel grateful for if you allow them to see them. This will not only benefit others, help develop the market and inject new blood into it. It will also, help you to be an expert who is not afraid to share this information because it is always new to the public and always capable of developing new, more developed and effective ways.

Make your content rich material for discussion, especially by the influential

To make your content so rich that the influencers themselves publish it is particular professionalism. You have not resorted to celebrities or influencers to support your services, but they have become part of your service recipients, and they are themselves part of your audience who benefited from this service. Imagine what the reaction of this act to your audience of different segments?! If someone sees that the person they prefer to follow has commented on or participated in an article, they will automatically want to know what triggered the effect of the commentator to participate or comment. He will, therefore, want to explore it. If it is found that this content is already powerful and rich, it will automatically want to know more about it through the site it publishes and its subsequent services.

Create content that can convince the public to make a quick purchase decision
Writing valuable content that is able to enrich the discussion and make customers flutter comments is certainly good. But let's not forget here that the first and last goal of your e-platform is the material profit. Therefore, simply providing services to the public, without prompting them to make a clear purchasing decision for you, is like turning your site into a non-profit charity platform.

I'm not saying here to put your products into the content that is presented to the audience, but rather to formulate content that serves the audience and your business at the same time. If it is time to put your call to action, the customer does not feel the trouble or there is a transaction for the benefit he has earned. Let's simplify a small example. For example, you have published content specific to ways to maintain oily skin during the summer. You can then recommend using some of the products that your platform displays with a direct link in the article. If the user wants to buy these products, he will immediately click on the link. If he does not want to, he knows that your platform offers these products and can recommend you if someone is looking for products of this quality.

As you see the content here is not a means of advertising and marketing of your electronic platform, but is the cornerstone of marketing itself, without the loss of all cuff. Imagine if you did an expensive advertising campaign to attract customers to your business platform and succeeded. Customers visited your website and found the products right. They wanted to see their details, how to buy them or even how to make use of them. They did not find anything!

So will these customers risk their money with you? Of course not, everyone knows that A-B is an electronic marketing level of information availability (ie content). If you are not familiar with the basics, how will your client trust that you will provide him with other privileges such as value and high quality?

My last advice to you is not to start advertising your e-mail before you understand the type of audience you are offering, the type of content that suits you, and the style of writing that makes you want to deal with you permanently. Marketing content not only helps you make money, but also helps you create loyal customers who are not affected by competitive promotions. You can learn more about the content and its importance in the marketing world by reading the content article The most important elements of the sites from here, and you can also share your experiences on the situations in which you have experienced and watched the content significantly contribute 


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