How to clean Blogger Blog URL Permalink Structure

How to clean Blogger Blog URL Permalink Structure

It is hard to clean blogger blog post URL permalink structure to be like WordPress. Blogger facilitated default URL structure with Year and Month and a .html extension in it. But other than this, we are sharing a trick to clean your blog URL like WordPress.

You can remove year, month, and. Html in the URL address of blogger posts. Changing blogger permalink to be like WordPress Post URL.

There will be no end if we talk about WordPress and Blogger, both have advantages and disadvantages to each.

There is one feature of WordPress that cannot be found on Blogger, which is the Permalink setting. In WordPress, the permalink format can be custom / changed, whereas blogger permalinks cannot.

What is Permalink?

Before proceeding, it's good to know in advance what is the meaning of Permalink. A permalink, or permanent link, is a URL that points to a specific blog or forum record after passing the front page to the archive. Because Permalink is permanent without a time limit, it is more resistant to damage.

Permalink is a unique ID and will appear automatically when making a post, then the ID will change to the post title.

If you use the WordPress self-hosted Blog, Permalinks that you will get on each post are like: https://blogurl/tips-and-tricks/ if you use Blogger the results are like this: tips-and-tricks.html

Is it possible to delete year and month in the Blogger URL address? The answer is Yes!


How to clean Blogger Blog Post URL Structure

To clean the Year, Month and .html extension from the Blogger URL Address, all you have to do is install JavaScript code into the template that is used, placed within the Body tag.
Can also be placed via adding widgets in the blog layout menu.

If you want to install this script only for certain posts, you can install it in the HTML tab of blogger posts.

What happens after Deleting Years and Months of Blogger's URL Address?

Changing the Permalink structure might have an effect on SEO, and might reduce blog traffic rapidly and increase 404 errors in webmaster tool. I personally do not recommend that you use the script, because of the Permalink format provided by Google for Blogspot is the best. So, we must still comply with the policies provided by Google.


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