How to Cloak Affiliate Links on Blogger Blog for Facebook Ads

How to Cloak Affiliate Links on Blogger Blog for Facebook Ads

Facebook updated its ad policies from time to time to dominate Facebook ads for affiliate marketers. With every announcement regarding Facebook’s newsfeed ad algorithms crippling businesses. further, it is no wonder many marketers are declaring that organic reach is dead. Paid Facebook ads seem to be the last remaining position.

Facebook blocked all direct affiliate link promotion methods on Facebook Ads Manager account and also block your landing page which contains a direct affiliate link. To overcome with this problem, we can use paid URL Cloaker service or use WordPress plugins to URL masking.

What is Affiliate Link Cloaking or Masking?

URL cloaking means that visitors to the domain name will be forwarded to your landing page or sales page. However, the URL in their browser the address bar will remain the same. Also known as Stealth Redirection or URL Hiding, this will ensure that your visitors see your original domain name and not the affiliate link.

How to Cloak Affiliate Links on Blogger Blog

This method is helpful for those bloggers who want to make money using affiliate marketing by making their blog on Blogger platform. Because of paid URL masking services too expensive for newbie bloggers and they are unable to purchase custom hosting and domains.

Affiliate Link Cloaking Method

Copy and paste the jQuery code given below into your template <head>  tag.

 <script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>  

 var aff = new Array();  
 /* define your links here */  
 aff['Your affiliate Link1'] = 'Your regular Link1';  
 aff['Your affiliate Link2'] = 'Your regular Link2';  
 aff['Your affiliate Link3'] = 'Your regular Link3';  
 aff['Your affiliate Link4'] = 'Your regular Link4';  
 aff['Your affiliate Link5'] = 'Your regular Link5';  
 aff['Your affiliate Link6'] = 'Your regular Link6';  
 aff['Your affiliate Link7'] = 'Your regular Link7';  
 aff['Your affiliate Link8'] = 'Your regular Link8';  
 /* do not edit below this point */  
 /* reverse the key/value pairs so we can lookup based on value */  
 var aff_reverse = new Array();  
 for (k in aff) {  
 aff_reverse[aff[k]] = k;  
 /* scan all links when the document loads */  
 /* if the link isn't listed above, do nothing */  
 if (!aff[$(this).attr('href')]) {return $(this).attr('href');}  
 /* ok, the link is in our list */  
 /* when the link is clicked on, revert it back to the affiliate link */  
 //$(this).attr('href', aff_reverse[$(this).attr('href')]);  
 return true;  
 /* Firefox ignores onclick event when the link is opened via middle mouse (new tab) */  
 $(this).attr('href', aff_reverse[$(this).attr('href')]);  
 return true;  
 /* revert back to non-aff link in case they opened in new tab */  
 $(this).attr('href', aff[$(this).attr('href')]);  
 return true;  
 /* change the affiliate link to a non-affiliate link */  
 return aff[$(this).attr('href')];  
Customization: Replace your affiliate Link1,2,3 .... with your affiliated program links, which you have to cloak or mask. And place your custom link in place of Your regular Link1,2,3... on which visitors should redirect.

Affiliate link Example: 

Custom Afflink Example: https:/

Save the template codes by clicking on the Save template.

It is pretty easy, I hope you may have understood link cloaking on Blogger Blog. If you are still confused related to Affiliate link cloaking, then you can ask me with the help of contact us form.


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