Is REO Techniques are better than SEO

Is REO Techniques are better than SEO
There are a lot of questions on the Internet about REO 2019 The technique to boost website or blog search rank. But the common question is “Can REO Techniques Really Beat SEO Techniques?”.

This is a hot conversation among bloggers with the hot topic REO technique can beat SEO techniques in the upcoming era. Many Bloggers says you can boost website on the first page of Google in just 2 hours.

What is REO Technique?

According to Bloggers, Recommended Engine Optimization (REO) is a technique or method that is used to boost blog rank instantly so that your blog/website post can be cover on the first page of Google search result in just a couple of hours. This REO technique discovered on March 2019.

What is SEO Technique?

Search Engine Optimization or commonly referred to the term SEO is a technique used to get the best ranking on search engines in order to get a visit on a blog/website with factors that have been determined according to a search engine's algorithm.

Differences between REO and SEO Techniques

Actually, we should not talk about the difference or comparison between REO and SEO. If all of us as SEOs bloggers would already be familiar. For REO, it might still be in the context of developing mode. Although once again I say there is no concrete evidence about what REO is like. But he has claimed the superiority of REO compared to SEO which you can see in the REO advantages that have been explained below.

Thus, the article about What is REO which is claimed as a new method for Fast Page indexing that we can convey along with its advantages and disadvantages.

According to research that has been done by us, it turns out that REO techniques are not fully proven. Because it can't yet be tested for the truth that the REO technique can defeat the SEO techniques that we've known for a long time.

The following are the data that I can gather about how the difference between REO and SEO techniques is.

  • Advantage of REO Technique:
  • Enter post on the first-page of Bing Search Result within 1 hour after the article was published
  • Enter post on the first page of Google Search Result within only 2 hours
  • One time press Page One directly (whatever that means, either click on REO tools in the form of EXE or whatever).
  • Auto Search Keywords (This is quite astonishing)
  • Every day boost Google Adsense Earning
  • Get thousands of traffic instantly. REO is a tool, with just one click, an article made directly can rank on first page.

From the data collected about REO's technique is still in doubt, even some bloggers consider it is a joke because there is still no convincing evidence to use of REO's technique. It is different from SEO techniques that are guaranteed and proven.


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