How to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates Permanently

How to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates Permanently
Having the latest Windows 10 is indeed very impressive, but on one hand the operating system is also a nightmare for those of you who still use mediocre quotas. This is because of the Automatic Update feature in Windows 10 by default cannot be turned off, especially in the latest Windows 10 Home edition.

As we all know that Windows 10 updates by default cannot be turned off which will make the quota often sucked because of this Windows update. But calm and do not worry, because I will share ways to turn off windows updates on Windows 10 easily.

Turning off this windows update will certainly save your quota, but it is less recommended for those of you who use ISPs that provide unlimited internet. because an update is also needed to fix bugs in Windows itself.

It is no longer a secret that Microsoft has changed various settings and component locations in Windows 10. Most of the settings have been moved from Control Panel to the simpler Settings application, and some have been completely removed.

Examples such as Windows Update, Windows Update settings have been moved from the control panel to the new settings application.

In previous versions of Windows, we were free to choose what updates we would download and install. But on the latest Windows 10 this time the user is very limited, even the settings cannot be changed at all. You can only change the settings regarding how to update installed. You cannot turn off or disable the update feature directly.

How to Disable Windows 10 Updates Easily

Here are some ways to stop the update download process in Windows 10, including shutting it down completely, see the tutorial below carefully.

1. Through the Power Shell Command

To turn off the windows update service the first is to open PowerShell and immediately execute the following command:

stop-service wuauserv
set-service wuauserv -startup disabled

To make sure services are really dead, check with this command:

get-wmiobject win32_service –filter "name = 'wuauserv' "

If it's already dead, then its StartMod is Disabled and its Stopped Stopped.

To turn on windows update services again, just do the following command again:

set-service wuauserv -
start manual service wuauserv

2. Modification Through Group Policy

Warning this method can only be used by Windows 10 Pro users who have Group Policy access.

By opening Run with Win + R> type "gpedit.msc"> enter.

Browse to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Update.

Then right-click Configur Automatic Update> Edit.

Select the Enabled option and change the automatic updating configuration to Notify for download and notify for install> Apply and OK.

Using the tutorial above will provide an update notification first if an update is released.

3. Using Defer Upgrade

Especially for Windows 10 Pro users again, you can turn off updates via Defer Upgrade.

The meaning of Defer Upgrade is to ask Windows 10 not to download and install updates within a maximum period of 8 months.

The advantages of upgrading defer you still get a security patch so that your Windows 10 remains safe, but for updates in the form of new features and feature enhancements will not be downloaded so that your quota will be more efficient.

To enable upgrade defer open Windows Update> Advanced Options

Check Defer Upgrade

Must know that this method can only be used on Windows 10 Pro.

4. Using Metered Connection

With Metered Connection is managing connections, so Windows will not download updates until you are connected to a non-metered connection. But this method can only be done on Windows 10 users who use WIFi or Mobile Broadband connections.

Open Settings by pressing CTRL + I> Network & Internet.

Select your WiFi connection> Advanced Options> activate the Set'as metered connection option.

5. Turn off Windows Update Services

The fifth way as well as the last way by turning off the windows update services, windows updates will be totally dead including updates to the security patch.

So, make sure if you use this method, once connected to the internet with a lot of quotas, do an update immediately so that your Windows remains optimal

To turn off automatic updates in Windows 10 by turning off its services directly open services.

Look for Windows Update> Right-click> Properties.

Then Stop the Windows Update Services and change the startup type option to Disabled.

Note: Turning off windows update services can prevent you from using the store and unable to download modern apps, at the user's risk.

Enough of the first information about How to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates. Share your friends who knows who wants to save quota too, good luck and hopefully useful.


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