How to SEO Optimize an Article for Positioning Top in Google Search Result

How to SEO Optimize an Article for Positioning Top in Google Search Result
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Today we will learn how to optimize an article for positioning top in Google Search Result (GSR). The most important thing to keep in mind is Google’s guidelines in this regard. 

In recent years Google has put the batteries and is trying that people who over optimize an article to position it in search engines, do not have good results.

How to write your post for SEO Optimize

The most important thing is that you include your keywords throughout the entire post, repeating them with different variants, and also including the same in H1, H2 ...

To learn the best possible way, the best is to read the Google guide for web optimization. It includes many tips and tricks so that your writings have the correct density, the appropriate architecture and generate a good user experience.

Many times, the best thing for a good article is precisely to write for the user. Google wants naturalness and doesn't like keywords or themes that repeat too much.

🔥Keys to improve your texts

Next, I will cite 8 of the most important points when learning how to optimize an article:

  • Keyword density, it is perfect that it is neither too high nor too low.
  • Amusing bold, underline, etc.
  • Use of images with alt and related videos.
  • Use of H1, H2 and H3 in the correct way, without abusing.
  • Approximate extension of 350 words or more, like this succulent article 😏.
  • Interesting posts that encourage reading until the end.
  • A beginning, main text and conclusion.
  • Well-optimized paragraphs and good use of spaces.

In essence, these are the essential tips to learn correctly how to optimize articles for your blog. If you also want all your websites to get more traffic quickly and directly, there is an important tip that you should keep in mind and that I will tell you next.

When writing, worry about comparing the number of words published and the number of keywords you have included. If the number of keywords is greater than 10% you should review the entire article and rewrite it. This percentage is very high and San Google considers it over optimization.

🚀The Perfect Wording

In the SEO path, experiencing different methods will allow you to really see what works or not, there is currently, a lot of information but the main key is discipline and remember never to give up.


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