Start Niche Blogging With .XYZ Custom Domain Name

Start Niche Blogging With .XYZ Custom Domain

One of the fastest ways to promote a business or build a portfolio is to create a website. By going online, you will learn many things, such as how to find an audience, what products will be offered, anyone who has the potential to become loyal customers, fans and supporters.

What is Niche Blogging?

The first step you must take before going online is to choose a niche.

What is a niche?

A niche is an industry or genre of the types of products and services that you will offer later.

Examples of the many niches that were chosen in 2019 are health and diet, blogging, weight loss, hair loss, the environment, and the latest modes of transportation. Some examples of these niches are products and services that are definitely needed by many people.

A concrete example is They focus on the theme of growth hacking for digital businesses such as e-commerce, mobile applications, and other software.

The agency is able to provide what the audience wants, namely customer acquisition and retention.

Niche is Important, Now Go Find Yours!

Your niche will help you focus on a strategy that suits a particular business or industry. If you understand what products and services are offered and who your audience is, you will find it easier to find effective ways to communicate.

Usually, a newly started business has a message that is not in accordance with the wishes of the market. Creative industries will be seen more when they have something different from others, and businesses will be more trusted when it is known as a business with specific benefits.

Businesses or portfolios that focus on one niche will help you build your own identity. You can provide value to potential customers by finding out about their unique needs. Just start with a niche that has a clear meaning. From there, you will gradually develop, expanding coverage according to customer needs.

3 Ways to Choose the Right Niche

Dig Deeper into All Possibilities

Begin by making a list of possible ideas. Try answering these questions:

  • What interests do you most enjoy? It could be from a hobby or activity that you normally do if you have free time.
  • What problems can you solve? You can search for the latest trends on the internet.
  • What will you do if you get some money? Think of something that can make you happy (besides shopping and traveling around the world).

Determine Public Values ​​and Interests

The next step is to choose the top three ideas, then narrow it down to how familiar the idea is to the audience and how the potential benefits. The audience or customers out there should be able to benefit from what you have to offer. 

Check keywords, which have reached at least 10,000 search requests. 

The number of competitors is not always a scary thing. The existence of competitors also means that the niche has customers and is ready to buy. While low competition can be interpreted by not a lot of interested people out there.

Another way to measure the uniqueness of a niche is to look at how many books, articles or papers written for it. If the niche you are looking for has a lot of articles that discuss it, it means that many writers consider it important.

Make Yourself More Prominent

After deciding on a topic that has a lot of interest, now is the time to look at the market competition. 

Look for keywords that are still related to your niche, then see who appears. 

From there, you can note the main characteristics and make your own characteristics, which are different and unique. 

The difference you can make for example, price, quality, or product innovation.

Create Unique Domain Names with .XYZ

One way to be more unique than others is to differentiate content and design.

.XYZ is the world’s new top-level trending Domain

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A unique domain that uses  .XYZ  can describe something different and authentic.

Make a unique domain name that is the same as the business name.

If you make a portfolio website, then make the same name as your name, so customers or audiences can easily find your profile on the internet.

A unique domain. XYZ is a unique domain name that is easy to remember and that's what makes it suitable for every niche.


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