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7 Off-Page SEO Ranking Factors

As the most popular search engine, Google uses various factors to determine the popularity of a website. One of them is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The application of SEO must also pay attention to the hosting that is used so as not to affect the performance of the website. This time, we will discuss the determinants of SEO off-page ranking.

1. Backlink Quality

Backlinks become the main part of off-page SEO so we must pay attention to quality to get website popularity. This will later have a greater and stronger influence than backlinks without quality.

Some factors that determine the quality of backlinks are website reputation, content similarity, website activeness, language similarity, backlink placement, age of backlinks, age of domain as well as dofollow and nofollow.

Related to the placement of backlinks, it is better if placed in the text or term contextual links. Google will later read the contents of the text surrounding the link and decide in what context the link is attached. Thus, the website will get points for these keywords.

2. Anchor Text in Backlinks

If you place anchor text into a link, the search engine will read it as a keyword. Extra points will be added to your website because there is text used as an anchor.

However, do not use the same anchor many times because it can adversely affect your website. Just use anchor text appropriately, nothing less and not too much. If on one page there are 2 links to the website and the anchors are different, Google will only use the first anchor.

So, your efforts will be in vain. Therefore, consider carefully before you install anchor text.

3. Number of Backlinks

It is common knowledge that the more backlinks you get, the better it is for the development of your website. However, everything is not solely related to a large number of backlinks.

The quantity given must also be proportional to its quality. It's useless if a lot of backlinks are obtained but your website doesn't have good quality.

Therefore, it is important to build a good reputation and website image. Thus, visitors who come through backlinks are not disappointed with what is on your website. It's useless if there are already many visitors, but they won't last long and leave your website immediately.

4. Diversity of Backlinks

Before getting to know backlinks, it's important to get to know the types and their characteristics. One of them is a contextual link.

Actually, there are still other types that you can apply, namely widgets, profiles, blog comments, advertorial, bio, directories and so on. Each type may have different functions, but it's not good to use one type of backlink in large numbers.

If you want to get backlinks naturally, you can use various types of backlinks. With the variety of backlinks provided, it allows search engines to find your website more easily. Therefore, make sure you understand each type of backlink well in order to choose it correctly.

5. Social Reputation

Website reputation is no less important to attract visitors. One important part that shows the reputation of a website in the comments column.

Google can understand the sentiments in every comment given on your website. So, when there are bad or negative comments given, then the bad effects will come on your website. Vice versa. If a good comment is given, then Google can feel it. The positive sentiment will later have a positive impact. 

So, make sure if you provide the best quality content so as not to cause unexpected bad comments.

6. Social Activities

If your website is active on social websites, such as social networks or social media that are popular, then your website can be said to be popular.

This social activity can be seen by measuring the number of shares to social media. The more people who share your website content on social media, the greater the chance of getting many visitors.

However, you also have to consider the positive and negative sentiments that may be caused later. It's useless if many people share content on your website, but in the end it will have a negative impact. You don't want this to happen, do you?

7. User Personal Factors

Search results in the same keywords can be different for each Google account since Google implements personalized search. Some factors that influence are the country and language, the level of website user satisfaction, whether or not a user visits the website, ever shared website content to friends or not and so forth. Basically, search engines never issue an official list of what can influence website ranking in search results.

However, the factors above can be a benchmark for you to develop a better website and local SEO can provide maximum results.

That was information about some of the determinants of off-page SEO ranking that you can consider before taking the next step. When choosing cheap hosting will also affect SEO performance so make sure you choose it correctly.


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