PopBounty Earn $10 Daily Without Website

PopBounty Earn $10 Daily Without Website
Basically, PopBounty or any other popup and popunder ad network are at the lowest level of digital advertising. They do not follow any advertisement guidelines ie IAB guidelines. This means that they do not care about the user experience, frequency or even clearly label the word "ad" on their ads. It is good to note that this garbage advertising network is probably your # 1 reason for the birth of AdBlock and AdBlock Plus.

PopBounty earn money through impressions. This means that every time an ad is loaded, whether it is a popup or popunder, an impression is generated and recorded. A CPM model will be implemented, where these networks will charge a small fee per thousand impressions.

By violating policies and guidelines, PopBounty is able to generate millions of impressions from tons of publishers, therefore making money.

How to earn $10 per with PopBounty?

PopBounty provide pop under and direct link traffic monetization for every country with the highest CPM rates possible and 100% fill-rate.

If you can buy cheap traffic or you have premium traffic bot you can make easily $10 per day.

Step 1 - Create an account on PopBounty

Step 2 - Create 2 zones Mainstream & Adult.

Step 3 - Create an account on Click Domination.

Step 4 - Create campaigns.

Step 5 - Promote zone urls directly with Click Domination traffic source and keep CPC 0.0005.

Bonus Tip: - Target GEO based traffic and get $1 extra per 1000 visits and per geo.
How to earn $10 per with PopBounty?

Ad Format Offered By PopBounty 

Pops: A popunder, shown when a user clicks on the page content, appears hidden behind the main browser window and it stay hidden until the main browser window is closed or minimized, leaving the user's attention free for the advertisement.

Direct Links: A powerful tool which allows you to drive traffic from anywhere - Google search results, social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. Send or redirect visitors to your Direct Link and earn money!

Push Notification: PopBounty constantly working on expanding our monetization opportunities like Web Push notifications and InPage Push noticiations - powerful solutions to add even more revenue streams for our publishers.

Finally, since popup ad networks are not ethical and are mostly reflected by online communities, publishers who have signed up with them can expect a much lower CPM payout rate. After this part of the lesson, would you still like to hurt your reputation with PopBounty?


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