How To Choose The Right Web Hosting

How To Choose The Right Web Hosting

To be able to create a website or blog with independent hosting, you will need a domain name and web hosting service.

In this guide to choosing a hosting for beginners I will keep it as simple as possible. The goal is to make it easier to understand.

What is a domain name?

In simple terms, a domain name is the address of a website. You know, the address of a site like is actually a long string of numbers that's hard to remember. So, with the existence of a domain name, there was a simplification to become,, and so on.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a rental service for storing files online so that a website can be accessed via the internet with various contents.

A site can perform its function because the site actually has an online file cabinet called web hosting. All site data, whether in the form of text, images, applications, etc., are stored on a hosting account.

What are the types of web hosting?

Several types of hosting services that are currently in general use include the following:

1. Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a web hosting service where a server will be used by several websites (shared servers).

2. Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a new technology in web hosting services. Basically, Cloud Hosting is a web hosting service that is connected to many servers. So, if there is a problematic server, it will be redirected to another server so that it won't interfere with the client's website.

3. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is a type of server with virtualization technology to divide the physical server hardware into several virtual servers that are hosted on the same physical infrastructure. Simply put, VPS is a kind of virtual computer or virtual server that we can use like an ordinary computer in which we can add our own Operating System (OS), run applications, or store data.

The VPS analogy is like you rent a large room in a building where in that room you are a single occupant so that you can freely use the room according to your wishes or needs.

4. Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server is a web hosting service that uses the whole server. You can use the server for application testing, web hosting services, and various other digital services.

How to Choose Web Hosting?

If you are a beginner or don't know much about web hosting, chances are that you still need references or input to be able to choose the right web hosting.

There are several important parameters that you need to pay attention to in choosing web hosting, and in general, they are as follows:

1. Choose the Right Hosting Provider

There are tons of web hosting service providers both local and overseas. As a consumer, of course, you are free to choose which one. However, you should choose the best web hosting provider that has a good track record and their hosting service has been used by many people. The large number of users reflects quality and reputation so that it can be used as a basis for consideration.

2. Know the Server Specifications

The performance of your website will depend on the performance of the server your website uses.

Surely you don't want your website to have slow load times or are frequently inaccessible, do you? Well, this is determined by the reliability of the server your website uses. Please check the hosting provider website that you will choose, and make sure the server specifications are good.

3. Adjust to Needs

What are the characteristics of the website or blog that you want to create? This will determine what type or hosting plan is most appropriate for you to choose.

Suppose you are a beginner who just wants to learn to create a website, then at this stage you can simply use basic web hosting with a price range of 10 thousand-30 thousand per month.

In the future, you can upgrade your hosting service according to the size of the resources your website needs.

4. Choose a Hosting Provider with Adequate Technical Support

Especially for a beginner, you really need a responsive technical support team ready to serve you whenever you need help.

Well-known hosting providers generally have a customer support team in sufficient numbers so that customers will be served 24 hours non-stop. This one point is one of the important considerations in order to ensure that the hosting governance problems you face can be resolved quickly.

5. Choose a guaranteed hosting

Quite a number of web hosting providers offer the cheapest prices in their class. The question is, are all of them ready to provide a guarantee? The answer, not all of them are ready to provide a warranty.

To avoid losses in the future, you need to choose a provider who is ready to provide a guarantee. So, if later you feel unsatisfied with the service or quality of hosting that you are using, then you can submit a refund request.

The time limit for this warranty is given in a time that varies from one provider to another. However, generally the warranty is valid for 30 days from the active hosting account.

6. Consider the Price

Many say, price is directly proportional to quality. This opinion may be true, but there are a number of conditions that can make the difference.

High prices do not always provide the best quality, and low prices are not always cheap quality.

In fact, it is not uncommon for well-known web hosting providers to be ready to provide low prices with pretty good service quality. As users, we need to choose a hosting provider that offers the best prices with proven quality.

Quality Cheap Hosting

After you read the explanation above, of course, now you have an idea to determine your hosting options.

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