How to filter and track real and bot traffic

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 It's true, according to the Incapsula Traffic Report, 51.8% of all web traffic is fake.

More than a half? Let it sink ...

Fake traffic is made up of literally millions of bad internet bots doing things "behind the scenes."

And these bots are especially attracted to smaller websites like mine and yours ...

They do some crazy things

As you request the same page 50 or 100 times in a row, there is hope of getting accurate numbers on your board.

Affiliate Marketers don't even notice bots

  • drive up click stats 
  • generate fake opt-ins
  • even fake sales believe it or not

Just thinking about all the fake traffic out there and how much it costs employers unnecessarily makes me sick.

But it gets even worse ...

Because tracking systems like Google Analytics can't even identify most of these bot clicks

So they treat bots like a real click from a real person.

This fake traffic wreaks havoc when it comes to tracking

And make good data-driven decisions in your business a game of chance

It's like driving your car with a blindfold ...

downright DANGEROUS

Now, how can we fight bots and get good traffic data?

Actually, there are only three options:

  • Manually examine your raw click logs and try to identify suspicious clicks and IP addresses, and then manually investigate each and every one for patterns. But let's face it, nobody has time for that.
  • Try a tracking tool like Google Analytics that can't even recognize most bots and gives you inaccurate metrics. Most marketers are surprised to see how different their real data is from "trusted" tools like GA.
  • Protect your traffic with Click Shield technology. Which finds and removes malicious bots from your traffic with 99.99% accuracy and reduces your ad spend without you having to do anything else.

Searching for statistics and clean traffic has taken me two decades and I have sold over $ 20 million online.

I've been in the trenches fighting fake traffic bots with online entrepreneurs longer than anyone, and with over a billion clicks processed, Click Shield is the best way to beat bots.

It works anywhere you post online ads ...

Blocking you from insidious fake traffic that affects your traffic stats ...

So that you have total clarity on your true metrics and can escalate into campaigns that will bring the most efficient ROI for your business ...

Not to mention, Click Shield pays for itself by preventing you from paying for fake traffic ...

... while your competitors will continue to throw ad spend down the drain and YOU will be capturing your customers at ever lower prices.

Click Shield technology is yours for free as part of your ClickMagick 14-day trial

Start your trial now and stop letting bots steal your ad spend >>>

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