Most often forgotten when launching ads on Google Ads

Google Ads

Even if you have played ads through Google Ads a hundred times, this does not mean that on 101 you will do everything right. For experienced webmasters, setup is already automatic, and beginners are guided by guides from the Internet.

In order not to forget to set all important parameters and not waste your budget, keep our checklist of the main mistakes when setting up an ad in Google Ads at hand.

Company setup

Mistakes in this part are most often made by beginners who are not so familiar with the interface, Google Ads functionality and the nuances of Internet marketing.

  • Remarketing is not configured - if a visitor to your site left without shopping, you can return it back, and it will generate income. But if you forgot to set up remarketing, say goodbye to such a client forever.
  • Check the goal of the campaign - if you choose the wrong one, you will not get the result you planned.
  • Choose the type "Search Network" to promote a product familiar to users, "KMS" - to increase coverage and acquaintance with a new one, "Trading" - for IM, "Video" - for the relevant target audience, "Smart" - when you don't know what to do.
  • Check GEO for the hundredth time - a common mistake that happens mostly through inattention. The wrong geo will lead to a hard budget drain.
  • Eliminate unnecessary sites - you shouldn't show ads wherever possible. Use the Exceptions tab in the Placements section to remove ads in apps, and in the Themes section - in games.
  • Can I customize auto deliveries? Many do not have time to control their controllers, so manual control is not always at hand. Optimize your spending by setting smart bidding. So the system itself will invest in the most profitable ads.
  • Install UTM - without them there will be no analytics, which means that next time you will have to do everything by touch again.

Setting up an ad group

Here, mistakes arise due to improper planning.

  • Break down your keywords. The more segments you split the key pool into, the more likely you are to determine what works best and start scaling that up.
  • Use the extension. This will increase your CTR due to additional useful information.
  • Compare. One ad in the group is bad, because you will not understand how well it works and whether there is a need to prepare another. Always create other variants for testing.

Setting up ads

  • Automate the process. The more products there are, the longer it will take to create ads for each of them. Use automated solutions to speed up the process.
  • Improve the text. Conventional enticements won't work - it's not that time. Now it is easier to delegate the task of writing text to a copywriter who understands at least a little in Internet marketing. And you feel good, and he will do everything according to the rules and taking into account the current recommendations.
  • Always test test and test. Without it, you will not understand the effectiveness of your ad. The performance may be good, but a different approach may yield a much better result.


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