SiteGround Web Hosting The Best Official Recommended Web Hosting From WordPress

SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround is a popular Web Hosting provider that offers users a wide range of the best hosting features. One of the main advantages of SiteGround is that it performs better than other hosts.

SiteGround as a hosting platform which is also a recommendation from WordPress maximizes the convenience of WordPress users with special features that are made specifically. Apart from WordPress, SiteGround is also the official recommended Web Hosting from Jommla and Drupal. 

We have been keeping an eye on the performance of SiteGround for a long time and SiteGround has the best performance of any Web Hosting provider. However, at a higher price than BlueHost and HostGator, we put it in the # 2 position.

SiteGround General Info

On this page you will find general info about the advantages of SiteGround. The following table will provide important things that must be known by seekers of the best Web Hosting in World.

Abount SiteGround Web Hosting Company

SiteGround was first formed back in 2004. Since its inception, SiteGround has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular Web Hosting platforms. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria with 6 office locations and data centers on three continents. Today, SiteGround employs more than 500 employees and is hosting more than 2,000,000 domains.

6 Reasons Why Affiliate and Internet Marketers Choose SiteGround Web Hosting

SiteGround Cloud Services

1. SiteGround Can Load Website Pages 4X Faster!

If you are new to creating websites, you must understand that speed is king. Speed ​​is crucial for websites, for example, e-commerce giants like Amazon. They could lose $ 1.6 billion annually if their website was just slowing down by 1 second !. That is the reason why speed is very important in choosing a Web Hosting.

SiteGround understands this well and they excel in this area. Uses a steady combination of software and hardware to make your website light and fast. They take advantage of the SSD on the server, where this hard drive can send data very fast up to 30% faster than a normal HDD.

Loading content on a site can sometimes be tricky online. If no optimization is done, the earlier site will load slowly which will end up looking unprofessional and unreliable. This is the reason why SiteGround uses Cloudflare: which is known to have the most connections to Internet Exchange Points (IXP) globally. 

What are the advantages of a large IXP?

This means SiteGround can load your site very quickly and professionally, which in turn has a strong impact when visitors browse your Website content.

2. Impressive Uptime (Up to 99.9%!)

SiteGround's performance can be said to be perfect with a score of 99.9% and this puts them in the first place.

Good uptime means good news for your site's customers. This also means that your website is guaranteed to be accessible throughout productive time so that your customers can still transact.

Not many web hosting companies want to guarantee 99.9% uptime like SiteGround because this will cost a lot. For SiteGround, they dare to take this risk because they are confident in the quality of service provided and if they fail to deliver on that promise there will be compensation free of subscription fees according to the conditions. 

Some of the exceptions to this compensation are impromptu repairs or scheduled repairs. If you do something that causes Downtime (such as exceeding resources, installing apps that don't work or breaking agreements), of course this is also an exception. Attacks from external phak are also an exception to this compensation.

3. Great Customer Support

SiteGround's customer support provides accurate, clear and helpful information to consumers in identifying platform services. With 24/7 Live Chat facility, consumers can ask at any time if they have complaints in service. Unlike other customer support, Live Chat on SiteGround responds to complaints with alacrity and understanding of the products offered.

For those of you who have the ability to work on websites and want to do it yourself, SiteGround provides various guides, manuals, and articles complete with pictures and videos.

4. Free Significant Features

There is nothing more attractive than something free, and this is also offered by SiteGround for your convenience in building business development through the Website.

The features provided for free by SiteGround are important additions that make it easier for you to create a Website and increase the security of visitor traffic access to the Website.

These free features include:

1x Free Website Migration

For those of you who are still learning how to create your own Website, Website migration will be a hassle. Not only charges you, this also reduces the interest of potential buyers to use the Web Hosting service.

Luckily, SiteGround provides you with a free WordPress Website migration service. Also, you won't go through a cumbersome and complicated guide to migrating. You can the Website migration feature from your SiteGround account and the plugin will help you get to work.

Website migration won't take as long as a manual migration. As a bonus, you can migrate any number of websites with this option - some of the web hosting services that offer free migration limit the number of migrations and charge additional fees at certain points.

If you want a free, professional migration service, on the bigger plans -GrowBig and Up.- SiteGround will charge $30 for each excess site migration.

Free Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN)

If you want customer satisfaction who visits the Website, then SiteGround also takes care of that satisfaction for the users of this Web Hosting. By providing free Cloudflare CDN service, you will be helped in retrieving large files, such as images, from the server to maintain website loading speeds.

One more thing, SiteGround uses many servers spread across three continents. This approach is used so that your files are stored in the closest place to the visitor; once again, this will lighten the Website traffic and result in a capable site load speed.

Free SSL Certificate

The leader of the well-known web browser, Google Chrome, actively warns users if the website they visit does not have an SSL certificate. 

This happens because websites that do not have an SSL certificate are not protected by leakage of important data. Personal information such as money transactions, home address, cellphone number or credit card can easily be tucked through your IP address.

This is why an SSL certificate is a significant feature that plays a role in the security of your customers visiting the Website. Fortunately, SiteGround features a free SSL certificate on all subscription plans.

5. Available Features For Beginners To Advanced

SiteGround always supports everyone to create their own website. One of them is that you can install a Website builder, Weebly. Weebly which supports a drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for you to build the desired website easily without having to understand coding.

Apart from Weebly, SiteGround which is the official recommendation from WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal fully supports the installation of this application quickly without the need for a Website developer.

Optimization for novice users does not mean that those of you who are proficient in coding are not profitable. You'll get Git pre-installed on a bigger package along with SSH, WP-CLI, SFTP, and PHPMyAdmin. They also have lots of PHP versions to work with. You are also given access to a closed-environment application for the Website where you can perform tests and preparations before launching it for production.

Security on SiteGround has also been raised one more level by using the AI-bot prevention tool. This tool will detect possible attacks from outside before they attack. The tool's report notes that more than 500,000 to two million attempted attacks occur every hour on SiteGround's servers.

6. 30 days Money Back Guarantee

The next interesting feature of SiteGround has the 3o day money back guarantee that is embedded in all subscription packages. As with most Web Hosting providers, domain fees and other extra features are not included on the refund

Attention! Refund Rules, only apply to new customers. You cannot get a refund for packages that have undergone renewal plans.

2 Things SiteGround Can Improve

1. Expensive Package Renewal Costs

The cheapest plan from SiteGround, the StartUp plan, has a starting price of $3.95 per month as stated on the website.

Very cheap, considering the price of other local Web Hosting packages, it is also not much different from SiteGround. Other Web Hosting Plans also use the same scheme to attract customers, have a low starting price as an introduction and offer subscription renewal prices that are double to triple in the end.

The best solution to solve this problem is to choose the largest plan term (36 months on SiteGround) so you can enjoy the lowest price possible.

2. Setup Fee ($ 14.95) For Monthly Package

Not many web hosts offer monthly plans like SiteGround. Usually other Web Hosting requires you to subscribe for a minimum of a few months or at least one year.

SiteGround Web Hosting Cons

With SiteGround you can subscribe for at least one month; but you will be charged a setup fee every month. This translates to the lowest plan price ($3.95) per month plus $14.95 in Setup fees.

The problem with this monthly package is that apart from the basic cost of the package, you will also be charged a package renewal fee plus a setup fee. So, you also have to think before subscribing to a monthly package. 

Conclusion - Do We Recommend SiteGround?

Yes , we recommend it! SiteGround has been delivering solid quality in recent years. The uptime of this platform guarantees your website to have no problems at all.

Their website speed is also pretty good, thanks to their servers spread across 3 continents plus free Cloudflare accounts. Do not forget about security, a free SSL certificate is also provided.

The best of all things considered about SiteGround Web Hosting:

For those of you who are concerned with server performance without thinking about price, SiteGround is your choice. Especially if you work using WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, it is recommended to use Web hosting with optimization of these platforms as provided by SiteGround.


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