How to get accepted by Google Adsense 2021

How to get accepted by Google Adsense 2021

If you want to know how to be accepted by Adsense along with its new Google policies, here I will show you some tips with my personal experience.

A few months ago, being accepted by Google Adsense was much easier and it did not make us gray when sending the request for our website as it is today.

Although the policies have changed a lot so that your website is accepted by Adsense, it is not impossible to comply with all its rules so that your site is suitable and you can generate money with your blogs and websites.

What is Google Adsense?

Before showing you all the tips that I mentioned, we must first know what is Google Adsense and what is it for?

It is very simple to explain and here I will summarize it in a paragraph.

Google Adsense is a program of the Google giant that allows us content creators to generate income through the visits that my website gets and clicks that the user who enters gives to the ads that show in the specific places that you want them to appear.

More summarized and clear could not have described it, if you want to know more about Adsense, just leave a comment or contact me, and we will gladly explain more questions you may have.

Steps to be accepted by Adsense

It is time to give you the best advice so that you can be accepted by Google Adsense and all thanks to the personal experience that I have had when sending requests for the latest niches that you create and that I wanted to monetize with Adsense.

1. Sufficient content and Quality

"Do not focus on having many articles on your website and publish daily if they are not going to add value to the user."

Google Adsense likes that your content adds value to the user who is going to enter your website and that is what I mean that the entry or post that you have published can answer the need they are looking for. It is advisable to have a little more than 500 words in each article.

If you comply with having fresh, original and quality content, it will make it much easier for you to be accepted by Adsense.

2. User Experience (UX)

If you have a website where it is difficult to manage or find something, Adsense will see it the same. By this I mean that you have the important pages such as Privacy Policy, Cookies and Legal Notice in view of the user; and where navigation is not chaos and difficult to explore.

Although having a beautiful website is not one of the main factors for Google Adsense to accept or reject you, it can help a bit.

3. Age of the Domain

I always read new internet articles and many of them mention that the age of the domain matters to be accepted by Google Adsense, in themselves they are very right since you are not going to register a domain, create content the same day and send it to the other. If I am confusing you with what I just mentioned, now I explain why:

If you want to create your first project and you barely have enough for a domain, do it normally since Google is not stupid and realizes when the domain is for a serious project or you simply want to generate money through other ways.

By this, I am referring to the quality of content that I had previously explained. If the content on your site is suitable (at least 500 words) and contributes a lot to what the user is looking for, Google will accept your domain without any problem, even though you have only been for a year.

That if, at least wait two to three months to send the application to have something secure, and they can accept it, so do not rush.

4. Domain Name

The domain name so that Adsense can accept you does not really matter, for the simple reason that I have been accepted even with the domain that many believe is not recommended and I mean the extension ".xyz"

Recommendation: Of course, never buy the extension “Download” if you want to monetize with Adsense. For the simple reason that most people take it for warez sites, and we know that Google Adsense hates monetizing those types of sites.

5. Theme or niche of your website

I will not mention which niche to choose so that you can be accepted by Google Adsense, but if I can suggest you not to focus on dangerous niches or that Adsense will never accept it, by that I mean the following:

  • Sale of weapons or illegal content
  • Selling drugs or alcohol
  • Hacking blogs
  • Adult Websites 18+
  • Warez (Illegal Download)

If you want to be accepted much faster in Adsense, worry about looking for a niche that does not cover all categories like a magazine or news. Here are some that can help you:

  • Health
  • Creative (Graphic Design or Illustration)
  • Education (Primary, Secondary, Higher)
  • Computer Science (Programming)

These are just a few of many that you may have in mind and as I mentioned, it is best to only focus on a specific niche.

6. Privacy Policy and Cookies Pages

Having a Privacy and cookies page will help your website to look serious and Google will take the time to accept it, if you don't have them, forget to do it, and finally, it won't even notice your website.

At the end of this post, you will understand why I mean that these pages are essential.

7. Contact Page

Google Adsense, values a lot if as a content creator you care about those who visit your website and what better if you have a contact page where you show that you are a real person and generate trust. You must be clear about using real data.

8. Traffic Sources

Avoid buying traffic and sending it to your website if you think that having Adsense visits will accept you faster. Well, in part this is very true, but never try to cheat Adsense by sending bots to your website.

Many companies or websites promise to send you real traffic with people and real IP, but most if not all are false.

The only sources of traffic that Google Adsense accepts are search engines (Organic), Social (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), Direct or Referral (When a trusted website links you and a user reaches your website by clicking).

If you want to give your project a boost, create good content and the organic traffic that is the most important, will arrive by itself.

9. Links Bounds

I already mentioned that buying traffic will not help you in being accepted by Google Adsense. So, also avoid creating links in bulk or buying them for more authority.

While it is true that authority helps Adsense to accept you much faster, avoid buying from sites that promise to increase your authority by buying links from them.

Adsense is quick to notice when you buy links and it is obvious since it is not natural that after a short time after creating your site you have too many backlinks.

10. Don't Despair

If you are new to the world of Adsense with blogs or websites, just don't despair when submitting the request. Therefore, if you follow all the aforementioned rules, you will have a 99.9% chance of being accepted by Google Adsense.

Fact: Adsense policy change

Currently, the reviews that Google Adsense makes to each website that sends a request are manual and not by a robot as it was before. Although in many cases it does not seem, the only google knows.

If there is something else on this list where your website or blog was accepted by Google Adsense, mention it to me in the comments, in the same way, if you have any questions about the subject, do not hesitate to ask and not only in the comments but also in our Contact Form.


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