How To Get FREE Traffic for Affiliate Marketing?

Get FREE Traffic for Affiliate

So you are a new affiliate and searching how do I get free traffic? a really common question and I totally get it, you don't want to spend money but you want to make money.

So let's dive into some strategies you can leverage but you want to clarify though that there's not going to be a lot of true free traffic anymore there's going to have to be some amount of work put in to earn traffic you might not have to pay money for it or at least much money for it like putting an ad on Facebook or something or google that you'd have to do but it's going to take some sweat equity right to kind of gain a traffic source that you can then leverage to make money.

So the three main things we are going to dive into are google and kind of like search engine optimization and kind of growing a blog, email list traffic and social networks, right leveraging social networks to draw organic traffic from those first one or third one are both kind of sources of organic traffic.

So let's say ten years ago organic traffic from Google was the name of the game you could spin up blog posts really niche articles win a lot of traffic from them, rank really highly pretty easily that's changed a bit it's still doable you have to find a niche you have to kind of cater to it and it's going to still cost some money.

You are going to have to host a website, you are going to have to build a little website you can do it though gosh for 50 bucks or less right to host a website get things up and running, and start pushing content out and that's the only cost you need. You can sort of push content out you can put affiliate articles out there you can write content and it's just your time while you are doing that.

You know it would make a lot of sense to start collecting emails as soon as you can from that website and actually be offering someone something in return for an email address, collecting an email database you know there's a lot of free services like that you can use like MailerLite or MailChimp, where like you know a thousand or two thousand contacts are free.

So there's no additional cost until you are actually making money with an email list but once you are accumulating that email list that's how an asset you can take with you wherever you go and that's what can be really leverageable but still you need some amount of sweat equity into that website to gain traffic to rank articles.

To learn SEO to actually write well and earn people clicking on affiliate links and they're actually making some money. 

The other part is that social media you know you can grow Facebook groups are a really hot item right now. You can grow Linkedin, you can grow Instagram lots of ways to grow social channels we have to drive into the weeds on that but again if that's what equity you have to post good content, you have to earn a following.

You have to kind of build-up that traction there and then be able to put offers or items in front of your audience that they'll like and resonate with and click on and eventually buy and get you a commission but it's still another form of quote-unquote free traffic there are monetized ways or there's paid ways you can grow those faster but you can certainly just put in the sweat equity and build those organically and then we are going to go back to the email list which is my opinion the things you always gonna be focusing on.

If you are leveraging a social platform and building a Facebook group, you are going to be fine, you are beholden to Facebook or you're beholden to Twitter or Instagram or LinkedIn wherever you are if they make any algorithm changes, your reach and exposure even to an audience you already own can be greatly diminished and you'll have to pay to get exposure and things like that.

If you are trying to grow organically on your blog or on the social channel and you are driving that traffic somewhere to an email list that you are cultivating, you are kind of protecting that traffic source and kind of taking it not offline but you are kind of harvesting that for something.

You can continue to monetize and grow wherever you might go and that way if you do spin up a new traffic channel eventually whether it's another social platform or a new product or a website you are launching you have an email list you can now put that in front of and get that much faster traction than you ever did to start with.

So everything you are doing to grow free traffic, I'd be driving it back to an email list you can start to communicate to people one-on-one with and start to kind of hone your skills as an email marketer that way I think you are going to find that, you are going to be much more stable in the online game so there's some ways to get free traffic it's going to be sweat equity, it's going to be putting your time in to learn.

You'd start with a specific traffic channel whether it's a blog post or Facebook or Instagram like pick one thing and really dive into it and then widen out and drive that back to an email list you can start to cultivate later.


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