What is KGR and how will it help you rank fast?

 I come with another tutorial, it is a little more advanced, but it will help all users on their websites.

KGR, is a technique based on the use of "allintitle:search term". The objective of the technique is to find keywords where we can position easier than the rest, in addition to knowing the competition.

By using "Allintitle" you will be shown all the indexed pages that have the keyword /long tail that you have chosen, in their meta title. In this example, we will use the keyword: Best Gaming Chairs.

Then in Google, we type: "allintitle:best gaming chairs"

allintitle:best gaming chairs

We can see that it gives us "10500 results".

There are currently 10500 pages for the keyword "best gaming chairs" where they have those 3 words in the meta title. This means that trying to position for that search is complex.

Why follow this method?

90% of websites have their internal H1 tag as well as their Meta Title. And sometimes they are different, but they will always be the same keywords, but in a different order, with symbols or other irrelevant characters.

Another example, but where to position ourselves would be easier: allintitle:best hair trimmers

allintitle:best hair trimmers
There are 3390 results, which is more accessible for us to overcome. This method is also useful for an informative or AdSense-focused search.

You already understand the theory a little, but there are some questions to answer:

What benefits from knowing the KGR Technique?

Now you can know if the keywords you have selected are the best to attack. Plus, you won't waste your resources or time on unnecessary writing.

Does this apply to all projects?

Yes, this method works for all projects. But, you should keep in mind that if your website already has authority, it will be easier to position for keywords with high competition.

Is this 100% reliable?

It is reliable because Google gives you the same results, but obviously, you can find keywords with 10 indexed pages, but that will be a difficult competition to pass.

Is there a problem with the method?

Yes, and it is that after about 5 searches with the method, Google will ask you to fill in a captcha.


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