Yoast SEO Tool Alternative JAMSEO Free SEO Tool For Blogger SEO

Yoast SEO Tool Alternative JAMSEO Free SEO Tool For Blogger SEO

In this blog, we have already touched on the lack of an SEO tool to do Blogger SEO that helps improve its presence in Google search results, whether commercial or not, of links, monetized. Most of all, to flatter search engines and thus be found by a greater number of readers avid of our various materials.

Since Google itself does not offer any Auto SEO tool for Blogger SEO like WordPress plugin Yoast.

For Blogger SEO, it was necessary to modify the image, fonts, colors, since semiotics is very important. Create better material and also improve the search engine optimize, which is the gateway to search engines.

This Blogger SEO tool came to us thanks to Jam SEO Tool so that it works as an SEO tool for Blogger and works for social media (which now has h1, h2, h3 or as it says in blogger: main title, subtitles, title Secondary It works the same for WordPress.

What is this Blogger SEO Tool?

It is similar to WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin and its Premium paid peers, of course with more limitations because it is free, the articles will more than likely harmonize a lot, whether it is a poem, a recipe or a community complaint.

With the use of this Blogger SEO Tool, you will be able to improve your content, purpose, title and you will be able to perceive from before how the search engines will perceive it, something that Blogger suffers if you do not have a very consolidated material, Google's orphan error to con them (bad father).

How This Blogger SEO Tool Works

1) Write your post, preferably in Word (always do that, I recommend it).

2) Open the JAMSEOTool for Blogger SEO.

3) Paste the title in the appropriate line.

4) Paste the Keyword or keyword (maximum 5) in the appropriate line. The keywords or key words or phrases are (said in a country way, it is more complicated), those words that you want the reader to write in the Google search engine and when you click on "I'm going to be lucky" see your link between the topics to choose. Examples: recipes, poems for my girlfriend, documents to migrate or SEO tool for Blogger SEO, etc.)

5) Paste the description in the appropriate line ( description or meta description is the small summary that you read after the titles in any search engine. The one that ends up convincing the reader to click on the link).

6) Paste the text in the box determined for it.

What Blogger SEO Toll will it contribute?

1) You will make writing in Word a good habit and if you schedule your Microsoft to save every 2 minutes, you will save more material than with Blogger. Also, Blogger does not have some functions. Write better like this, I recommend it.

2) You will always use that page and it will work for every post (article), helping you to be better read and attract new readers.

3) It will create titles that are more searched, viral, attractive and verbose in words that are more searchable. It will tell you the correct extension.

4) You will learn to use and gradually search for better Keywords or keywords that you want to position to attract. In fact, this SEO tool for Blogger will tell you the percentage of use in your post if it turns green, excellent; if it is yellow, it is acceptable. Sometimes it is not good to abuse an SEO tool for Blogger or another, because the reader gets bored. Did you already notice that my keyword phrase is SEO Tool for Blogger SEO? Well, you got the idea!

5) In the description there must be the Keyword with an explanatory phrase as a synthesis of what the post is about. If you don't, this SEO tool for Blogger will let you know.

6) With the text you will see functions such as the density of the Keyword, how many words the post has and if it is attractive.

7) Additional: It tells you the good readability of the article, which is nothing more than the ease with which readers of all ranges will assimilate the content.

With this, you are already improving your article and with the sum of all, your blog will be better assimilated by search engines and more by readers.

Disadvantages of said SEO tool for Blogger

Of course, compared to others that can be installed with a single purchase or Premium version, this SEO tool for Blogger has its limitations, which are (without meaning much for Blogger, Facebook, Instagram, etc .:

They do not say if you are over-optimizing with the Keyword. For 500 words the key phrase should appear a maximum of 10 times in other applications; This SEO tool for Blogger asks you for more saturation. I do not know the motive.

It does not tell you about placing the ALT feature on images, which is nothing more than placing the keyphrase where it says ALT or Alternative Text  (click on the image, click on the configuration gear and you will see it there on Blogger and WIX).

It does not indicate how many subtitles the key phrase should have. That's why I tell you: it should be between 50 and 60% of the subtitles, no more.

It does not indicate that the key phrase should be in the first paragraph. Well, you know, it must be there naturally and cohesively.

Request the 5 keywords. That is not necessary, until a word positions. If they do more than two, they have coherence and go "in combo".

The web is in English, but nothing that the Google translator cannot solve.

Does not tell you that inbound or outbound links are required. Inbound links are those taken from your own blog from a previous article, which you must paste with the links tool (it looks like a chain link in the control bar of any blog), looking for a related word (suggestion from your server). Outbound links are those that come from third-party blogs. If you hire a link, do not put it inbound, if it is a post of yours, use both, for example "with Wikipedia reference" and paste the URL of that application to which you want the reader to see other details.

The legibility of the article becomes relative; This is because it goes from Hindi to English and there are disparate criteria, so you should not be intimidated by it or make insidious changes to the post or meta description.

Well, with this we bring a valuable improvement. Let's try Blogger SEO Tool.


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